SsangYong Musso Grand featured amongst best Pick Ups to buy in 2021
(Farm Motoring Ireland)

Musso Grand Ireland

Pick Ups are no longer just for the heavy lifting

It’s a new year, and for many, a perfect opportunity to look at new wheels. The pickup market used to be the preserve of the farmer or the builder. If you had work to do then you had a pickup. It hauled all the gear you needed in the bed and a trailer full of, well you name it, diggers, cattle, haylage, and gravel. But, over the years, the pickup has become more comfortable and usable. They developed into family vehicles with car seats in the back next to the shopping that you didn’t want to leave in the bed because you didn’t get a load cover. Unfortunately, taxation and the economy dealt them an almost killer blow in 2008.

However, even with that, up to last year you could get over 10 models on the Irish market. They are part of the working fabric now. Pickups are still the go-to when you need to get the hard jobs done of carrying goods across a field, a building site, or towing a load to the market.

Today, modern pickups have 5 Star EuroNCAP safety ratings and that is only possible when they have the latest safety technology. These include active emergency braking, lane keep assistance, forward-facing cameras, park assist, pedestrian detection, and 360-degree cameras. Inside, more comfortable interiors and better engine gearbox combinations take some of the strain out of the early morning starts and long days.

SsangYong Musso Grand Strength and steel

THE 2019 Musso Grand shares its blueprint with the previ­ous model SsangYong Musso, however, the vehicle has been enhanced to target drivers ready for a bigger ride and look­ing for a pickup well-suited to outdoor work and with a more comfortable interior.

SsangYong has increased the storage space as well as the vehicle’s adaptability and versatility.

The Musso Grand powertrain has a 2.2L turbo diesel engine manufactured by SsangYong, which delivers maximum power of 181PS and torque 400Nm. This highly efficient, quiet, and proven e-XDi220 engine delivers progressive acceleration from a stand­ing start, and strong low-end torque.

The transmission is either a six-speed manual or Aisin six-speed automatic known for its smooth performance and durability.

The vehicle’s four-wheel drive system draws on SsangYong’s years of experience in all-wheel-drive technology. For better efficiency and greater fuel economy, there is a part-time 4×4 with power deliv­ered permanently to the rear wheels and front wheels as required. High and low ratios are available as on and off-road conditions demand. The Musso also comes with a locking dif­ferential system to provide better traction on steep and slippery gradients, and better towing capability off-road.

With the high-strength steel construction of its quad-frame, the car is significantly stiffer than its previous model. This is achieved by using 1.5Gpa-grade ultra-strength steel, which is a world first and features 79.2pc high-strength steel. This not only gives greatly improved body strength but also reduces overall weight.

The Musso Grand is 31cm longer than the previous model, coming in at 5.4m long. The height and wheelbase have also been increased by 1.5cm and 11cm, respectively.

The main benefit of the increased body length is an increased load capacity of 1,262L, which enables the Grand to carry up to 850kg in its bed.

However, if you need more capacity talk to your local dealer for upgrade options.

Prices start from €35,000 for the Musso and €36,200 for Grand Musso (all inc VAT).

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